Zero Point Face Mask

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This adjustable face covering has been designed for ultimate comfort and versatility.

Created with a double layer of eco-friendly Lenzing Modal, these washable accessories have been designed with freedom of movement in mind.
Designed with a built-in pocket that is sewn into the inside of the mouth and nose area, so you can insert your own personal N95, 3M, or other filters of your choice.
For effective protection against pollutants, you must have an N95, 3M, or higher grade filter inserted in the sewn-in pocket. (Filters are not included.) For general protection against dust or irritants, experts still advise a N95 3M mask but other safety masks are available.

There are two sizes available: 1 (XS-M) and 2 (M-XL.) Select size 1 for a tighter face fit or size 2 for a roomier fit, depending on your preference.

The Zero Point Face Cover design is available in over 50 colors.

--- About The Collection ---

Alta-Red  is an Eco-Luxury brand and curated store  founded on a commitment to fair labor, eco friendly , breathable materials.

All of our designs are hand crafted by our  team of artisan tailors in our Rainforest atelier. ALTA- RED and all it’s products operates a fair labor fashion production house and all of our tailors are paid above the industry standard rate. We use the most environmentally conscious materials that we can with less environmental impact than the traditional fast fashion garment provider. Due to this commitment to fair labor, ethical working conditions, and eco-conscious materials, our costs are higher than some other options.  All of our Products Support a balanced world, fairness, as well as being ECO Friendly .

All of ALTA - REDS products are made from silk, modal ( a tree like bamboo ) , or leather all of which allow the skin to breathe whereas other plastic based products like polyester do not..

Jillian Anns Designs because popular with musicians, celebrities, and those who wanted cutting edge fashion that was also better for the body as well as supported fair labor.

ALTA-RED  is offerings for the Lyran Collection as well as featuring other artists who are part of the family  which features built in or wearable masks and gloves that are both high luxury fashion and eco friendly and  made from breathable materials such as silk, or bamboo.

It is important to note that no fabric mask is a substitute for a N-95 or medically approved mask. ALTA - RED masks can act as a fashionable cover for such masks however and are appropriate on their own where fabric masks are required or desirable.

ALTA-RED was created to showcase her and her designer friends who have all aligned to create ethical, eco friendly, fair labor fashion.

For Our future, For our Planet, For all of us, As we are all connected.

ALTA-RED Wants to help provide the world with beautiful eco friendly luxury products that help support everyone involved. Are inspiring to wear , bring more joy and fun into this world and support the awareness we are all connected.

ALTA- RED By Jillian Ann