Tracer Pouch

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The Orion Pouch large enough to fit a passport ID or other similar sized things as well as your other daily necessities safely enclose your belongings in this stylist pouch .

These pouches are made to be a add on to any holster, garter belt,harness, purse belt or bag.

ALTA RED is the new line of futuristic clothing designed and curated by avant garde designer Jillian Ann.  Like her other lines, ALTA RED will continue to feature eco-friendly fabrics and fair trade manufacturing practices with the world’s finest craftsmen. 

All of ALTA - RED’s  products are made from silk, modal ( a tree like bamboo ) or leather, all of which allow the skin to breathe whereas plastic based products like polyester do not.

Jillian Ann continues to create fashion apparel and accessories that are useful, long lasting and reflect the aspirations and needs of her clients as they face the challenges and joys of modern day living.

Alta Red combines the latest science of fabric creation and design with the practical functionality demanded by today’s sophisticated consumer.


Tracer Pouch