A home

Somedays I miss a life of sharing a house with someone I loved
making dreams into reality and growing beside someone
I miss the woods and the sunsets over the canyons
I miss all the good things
and hope someday the light will be stronger then the shadows
and I can find that place again

I am simple
having a home I get to share with someone
and a life is the thing that makes me the happiest
silly things like cleaning the dishes or cooking meals
or planning escapes to the hot springs or desert

when life is so glamour filled
loves value is more about
the spirit, heart and depth
nature and the roots into each others souls

I read something yesterday
"someone I loved gave me a box of darkness
it took me awhile to realize that too was a gift"

Facing shadows requires being brave
because when you face them
everything in your world may change
and letting go of everything we try to hold
to keep us from seeing the shadows
requires the strength to sit

in the darkness alone until
your shadows and light
become one

until you learn to love the shadows
until you learn how to heal the shadows
rather then run from them
cover them numb them or shove them down

the light and shadow are one
just like love and hate
the suffering comes from the judgement
the rejection and the pushing away of
half of our hearts

I want someone to love all of me
so I have to start by doing it first
so now I am chasing the lights and the sun
that reflect back to me my light
that support me, keep me safe and love me,

chasing the light and the sun
is it good for me?
do I want this ?
is it making me happy?
do I feel safe loved and supported?

how does my heart and soul feel ?

following that

into the vast unknown

designs by me for Ritual
Photo by me in Java in the rainforest one of the last 3 we have on this planet - and we need it to breathe so stop cutting it down


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